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Point Bennett, California – Seclusion at Its Best

Would you like to spend some time in a secluded place that will make you feel so much closer to nature and its wonders than you have ever thought possible? Then, this is certainly the most ideal time for you to discover the unknown treasures of Point Bennett, California.

Dubbed as the sole place in the world where you can find six various species of the pinnipeds or the fin-footed animals, Point Bennett is situated in Channel Islands National Park’s westernmost tip. Point Bennett is one of United States’ most secluded beaches, and this as far from the freeway culture of Southern California that you can ever get.

In the entire Channel Islands National Park, there are four pinnipeds species that commonly frequent the place, namely harbor seals, northern four seals, northern elephant seals, and the California sea lions. During the different times in an entire year, about 50,000 gigantic elephant seals relish in the islands’ isolation in order to molt, breed, and haul out.

Most of these sea animals favour the remoteness of Point Bennett, something that is considered as one of the biggest natural wonders of the Channel Island National Park. Some tinier colonies can be spotted on Santa Rosa and Santa Barbara Islands, although they are usually heard prior to being sighted as their deep and loud rumblings roll like thunder throughout the landscape.

However, there are more species than can be seen in Point Bennett as compared to any part of the entire planet. The family of the sea lions is represented by the northern sea lions or Steller’s, California sea lions, Guadalupe fur seals and northern fur seals. The harbour seals and elephant seals compose the group of true seals.

Why is Point Bennett the chosen sanctuary of these sea lions and seals?

Isolation from the humans is certainly the primary reason. For many years, these sea lions and seals were hunted by humans for both their skins and oil. However, Point Bennett has been considered as the pinnipeds’ safest gathering place. This exceptional place in California gives the sea lions and seals all the essential ingredients they need for having their young, such as the abundant food, wide and sandy beaches as well as the rest of their own kind. For most parts of the year, most of these animals can be seen scattered all over the area, but at one point, they will always gather together in Point Bennett where they are given the freedom to breed, produce their young, and at times, to molt.

Needless to say, Point Bennett serves as the ultimate haven for these pinnipeds that are already starting to get smaller in number due to the illegal hunting done by uncaring individuals. What can be the best thing that you can do in order to preserve these sea animals?

Basically, the most essential that individuals can do is visit the magnificent place of Point Bennett. Grab this as your chance to discover the unique world of these pinnipeds by seeing them with your own two eyes and telling others how urgent it actually is to maintain the natural order of the place.

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